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Solus delivers high-accuracy, high-precision Earth-based astronomical information, such as (currently) exact apparent Sun, Moon- rise and set times and other apparent and position information such as azimuth, altitude and Moon phase information.  Solus makes use of a high precision Earth rotation- and Sun and Moon model to achieve these results.


Unlike many astronomical data systems, Solus takes into accounts such variables as air pressure and temperature (which affect the air's refraction and which, in turn, affects the perceived position of a heavenly body and thus the time of rising and setting.)  Additionally, Solus is able to calculate an observer's point of view based on altitude in relation to horizon altitude - something which significantly affects the perceived position of an object above the horizon.


Uniquely, Solus can automatically "survey" the surrounding terrain at almost any site to determine the relative altitude of the horizon position of Sunrise/Sunset/Moonrise/Moonset to produce accurate results for when the horizon is lower than the viewing site (particularly useful for locations such as mountain peaks.)

[Solus can also accept altitude information so that Rise & Set times can be calculated for scenarios, for example, such as hot air balloon flights and mountaineering.]


These factors and others make Solus to the most precise Rise/Set times calculator of its kind available on the Internet.





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